Food. Community. Action.


We envision a food system that is:

  • Environmentally, economically and socially just;
  • Locally owned and controlled;
  • Dedicated to food and farm policies for health and equity; and
  • A connector of stakeholders throughout the region.


We are an inclusive, community-driven, food policy council that emerged from our regional food system assessment (Forsyth County’s Community food System: A Foundation to Grow (2013)) to:

  • Serve as a project facilitator, collaboration hub, and resource center for our regional food system,
  • Oversee the implementation of the 23 other recommendations the report proposed, and to
  • Continue to evolve the vision and practices of a local food system that is economically, socially, and environmentally equitable and sustainable.


We abide by the following guiding principles in the advancement of any policy, the establishment of any relationship, and the implementation of any initiative or strategy:


FCFC believes that access to fresh produce and healthy food options is not universal and that some communities are at a disadvantage in our regional food system. We seek to help eliminate this disparity through education and advocacy.


FCFC believes in a socially just food system, in which power and material resources are shared equitably so that people and communities can meet their needs, and live with security and dignity.


FCFC believes that “everyone should be at the table,” when it comes to the design and development of programs and policies surrounding our regional food system.

Environmental Stewardship

FCFC believes that we should all be good stewards of the planet, making conscious and informed choices regarding how we treat our soil, air, and water, what we consume, and how we treat our food waste.

Transformational Action

FCFC believes that the meetings we convene, networks we create, policies we advocate, and programs we implement will build a regional local food movement that will address the gaps in the conventional food system and transform the regional economy into the environmentally, economically, and socially just one we envision.


FCFC believes that no single individual and organization can achieve the same impact as the collective and collaborative work of many individuals and organizations working together towards the same end. Connecting with these individuals and organizations is one of FCFC’s highest priorities.

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