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FCFC is committed to a community-driven food system. We are striving to be an inclusive and welcoming space for a variety of interests and energies throughout our community. As such, we have multiple ways for you to get involved as a member of FCFC.


Community-Supported Planning.

As a member of the Food Consortium, you are part of a focused regional network of people working on building better communities through creating a more vibrant, accessible, innovative, and equitable food system.


Keeping Good Work Going.

As a partner of the Food Consortium, you are part of an important network of support that makes the Food Consortium possible.


Connecting Research with Action.

Have a specific interest in a particular area our food system? Action Teams research best practices, recruit community members, and develop strategies for action, and any member of FCFC can create one!

Find your best fit!

Membership Benefits

The Food Consortium is yours to help create.

Community Benefits

Access to new avenues for community improvement.

Sometimes it’s time to try something new, and the Food Consortium is a new approach. It is a network of community members dedicated to a better regional food system, and for that community-driven change to happen, there are several ways to plug in.  (1) Your membership fee and any donation beyond that is a seal of approval that you support what we’re doing and want to see more of it. (2) As a member you’ll have opportunities to serve on our Advisory Council and start or join Action Teams that interest you. You’ll also be able to instigate fun and exciting collaborations between the Food Consortium and other community groups to continue to promote a better regional food system in more engaging and effective ways.

Access to regional and state-wide food council networks.

North Carolina has more than 30 food councils covering 43 of the 100 counties across the state, and with that growing and extensive diversity and reach, there are resources to plug into at the state level, the multi-county regional level, and the local level that are all worth attention. Working beyond local helps build momentum and leverage, spread information and best practices, and generate new ideas and benchmarks.


Access to volunteer opportunities through our partner network.

With all of the good work going on, there are always ways to utilized fantastic volunteer help. Not only does it help organizations thrive, but it gives the community much-needed insight into how things work behind the scenes. As we work with partner organizations to find volunteers, you’ll have the opportunity to go explore your community in ways you might not have seen before.

Active Options

Access to our community volunteer program.

(In Development) We want to work with community partners in creating a volunteer program that packages a number of volunteer opportunities and pairs community members with organizations and projects of interest. Interested volunteers can expect to receive a certain number of volunteer opportunities throughout the year as part of the volunteer package.

Access to a local discount program.

A local business discount program is being brainstormed where members of the Food Consortium can receive local discounts or other offers by flashing their FCFC membership card. Discounts for workshops and other events will also apply.

Field Trips.

There’s a lot of good work going on around North Carolina, and a lot of it deserves to be seen firsthand. As we orchestrate fact-finding trips to see what NC has to offer, you’ll be invited to join!

Stakeholder-specific networking events and workshops.

To serve as a better resource for stakeholders across our food system, we will orchestrate strategic networking events and workshops geared toward specific categories of stakeholders. Good things often happen when people get together and talk about common interests. As a member, you’ll be able to have a voice in deciding the focus of these events.


Discounted membership in other local organizations.

(In Development) So as not to compete for members and make involvement as simple as possible, we are exploring options of shared memberships with other member-drivenpartner organizations with which we work closely.

Action Teams.

Want to dive into hands-on work with the Food Consortium? An Action Team might be the right spot for you. Teams work on connecting research to action and seek to create new opportunities for smart development within our food system. You can read more about them here.


Individual Benefits

You belong to a cooperative!

Cooperatives are a long-standing form of social and economic organization that prioritize participation, equality, and ownership, and they can be formed around any enterprise. The Food Consortium’s enterprise is planning and coordination, and we wanted to be as participatory as possible with it. It’s standard practice amongst cooperatives worldwide (primarily retail coops) to honor cooperative membership from other cooperatives as a form of solidarity in supporting the cooperative movement (not all, but many do). So as a member of the Food Consortium, you would have access to those cooperative benefits as you travel around and as they grow in our area.

Access to FCFC decision-making.

As a member of FCFC, you help steer the organization. Representatives from both our Community Membership and our Partners serve as full members on our Advisory Council and get to represent the interests of their constituents. Members will get to select leadership during our Annual Meetings, and weigh in on other business as well.



We couldn’t do what we do without you. We would love to promote your work and support on our website and social media as much as we can, and illuminate the network of members and partners that are all working for a better food system.

Project assistance.

We want to bring food interest together and help convert that into action. Since we pride ourselves as a resource center, collaboration hub, and project facilitator, let us help you get your idea off the ground and/or to the next level.

Other Ways to Get Involved



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