Channeling Community Energy toward Positive Change through Action Teams.

What Action Team Should We Build Together Today?

Anyone can start an Action Team. Click the questions below to see how you can start your own to help make a real impact in your community!

What is an Action Team?

A group of people focusing on a particular aspect of food system development.

What do Action Teams do?

  • Recruit: Connect with others in the community interested in or already connected with this particular food system area/focus.
  • Research: Look into current work in that area, find models and best practices, network with other communities working on the issue.
  • Strategize: Work together with new knowledge to create proposals for action.

How are Action Teams Created?

Anyone can start an Action Team. Our only two rules: (1) they have to relate to some focus of food system development (here are a few), and (2) they have to align with the Food Consortium’s overall purpose.

As proposals for new Action Teams are created, they are voted on by the Food Consortium’s Advisory Council, and then they’re good to go.

Who can be a Part of an Action Team?

As mentioned, anyone can create one. Though, for all involved, we want them to be supporters of the Food Consortium, so either community members or partners.

What if I’m Already Working on a Food-Related Project?

Fantastic! Action Teams can be great spaces for existing, food-related, community projects that perhaps want to be better connected with a regional network, or are looking for more project coordination, or are interested in access to other resources.

How are Action Teams Connected to the Rest of the Food Consortium?

Each Action Team elects a representative that serves on the Food Consortium’s Advisory Council as a full council member. Another member from the Advisory Council will in turn serve as a member on that Action Team, so that there is both representation, coordination, and accountability simultaneously.

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