Action Teams!

Action Teams expand the work and reach of the Forsyth Community Food Consortium by strategically convening people who want to contribute energy to specific aspects of long-term, community-driven food system development (for example, focusing on areas like health & wellness, food waste & recovery, farm labor advocacy, and so on).

Whereas FCFC as a whole focuses on broad food system coordination, each team orients around a particular focus and commits to researching best practices, recruiting membership, and strategizing action in that area in order to pursue positive community-driven change.

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We Believe In:


Participatory food systems have more community control over and involvement in food sourcing, food business, food policy, and how food system elements interact.

If all of those affected by the workings of a food system have more control over how they are affected, that gravitates toward promoting more sustainability, accessibility, justice and equity, health, and stronger local economies across communities.


Everything is connected. FCFC is structured as a cooperatively-run organization in that all of our members get to set our trajectories. As an Action Team member, you are also a member of FCFC. We have structured FCFC this way not just to give stakeholders more say in how their food policy council functions, but to better connect our local food movement with two other promising, overlapping movements: the cooperative economy and the solidarity economy movements. Through understanding that the more cooperative and solidarity-promoting an economy, the more communities (and their food systems) thrive. [Read more about the cooperative economy movement here and the solidarity economy movement here].