Regional Food Directory

Where can I find the closest farmers market? Which restaurants source local food? Who are the farmers in our region? Check out our directory!


We host workshops and work with other related organizations to help publicize theirs. These cover a wide range of topics though are all connected to food system development. Our workshops are often hosted by our Action Teams. 

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Resource Library

We have an extensive (and continuously growing) resource library. Type keywords into the Search Bar or click on a category.  Help us keep the library growing by adding new resources in the “Add New Link” section at the bottom of the list.

Amplifying Connections

Food systems are complex and issues like hunger and food access are too big for charity alone to resolve. Such issues demand complex responses in solidarity with social inclusion, economic equity, and environmental justice. Collectively, they are how we push the local food movement toward building stronger, healthier communities. The Food Consortium is here to help amplify those connections and opportunities. 


We periodically share thought pieces and general updates related to our work on our blog. We also share discussion highlights from our community meetups. 

Speakers Bureau

Interested in having someone speak to your organization, class, or at your event on issues related to our food system and development work? Browse our list of community members, practitioners, and content experts according to your interests.  

Understanding Food Systems

What are some of the elements around us that make up a food system? And what are some additional elements that make that food system work fairly for everyone? Here’s a little exploration.

Community Food System

A (Good) Food System