Forsyth County's Farmland Protection Plan (2015)


Farmers in Forsyth County are facing numerous and unprecedented challenges that threaten the long-term viability and existence of the industry and the natural resources they protect. As part of a proactive effort to support farming and forestry, Forsyth County’s leadership joined together to support the development of the Forsyth County Farmland Protection Plan.

This plan accomplishes the following:

  • Lists and describes existing agricultural activity in Forsyth County.
  • Lists existing challenges to family farming in Forsyth County.
  • Lists opportunities for maintaining or enhancing small, family-owned farms and the local agricultural economy.
  • Describes how Forsyth County plans to maintain a viable agricultural community by identifying and highlighting various farmland preservation and economic development tools.
  • Recommends schedule for implementation and a list of potential sources of funding for long-term support of the plan.