Goal #2: Promote a robust regional economy through innovative food system planning.

  • Task 2.1: Promote business opportunities for residents across the food system and encourage locally-owned and democratically-controlled enterprises.

  • Task 2.2: Assess the feasibility of the remaining recommendations from our regional food system study and work with FCFC members toward implementation.

  • Task 2.4: Specialized advisory groups can form as needed.

Goal #1: Address regional food access issues.

  • Task 1.1: Pursue radical inclusivity in our relationship building & outreach.

  • Task 1.2: Celebrate food cultures and traditions.

  • Task 1.3: Support all FCFC members & partners addressing food access issues.

  • Task 1.4: Share best practices & promote collaborations among FCFC members.

  • Task 1.5: Specialized advisory groups can form as needed.

Goal #4: Promote & empower grassroots action.

  • Task 4.1: Utilize Action & Project Teams to promote more sharing, coordination, involvement, diversity, collaboration, and development.

  • Task 4.2: Leverage financial and in-kind resources to strengthen Team initiatives.

  • Task 4.3: Archive Team work; communicate successes & lessons learned.

Goal #3: Protect our working lands & honor farmers/producers.

  • Task 3.1: Assist the Waste & Recovery Team in promoting diverting food from landfills.

  • Task 3.2: Share best practices & promote relevant collaborations among FCFC members.

  • Task 3.3: Promote sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Task 3.4: Specialized advisory groups can form as needed.

Goal #5: Build FCFC representation within all sectors of our regional food system.

  • Task 5.1: Partner with regional economic development organizations to share resources toward greater mutual effectiveness, and develop regional, multi-county food system planning.

  • Task 5.2: Develop a radically inclusive membership structure that caters to diversity, community-control, & utilizing community assets.