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WELCOME to an adventure in local food system development! The mission of the Forsyth Community Food Consortium is to fuel the growth of healthy communities and strong local economies through promoting local food, and it thrives on community participation. If you're interested in joining or nominating someone for FCFC membership, you're in the right place.

This form is for APPLYING for or NOMINATING new membership to FCFC's Advisory Council (FCFC's board). If you would rather create and lead or join an existing Action Team, click here.

The Forsyth Community Food Consortium is a community-run, independent organization (what's known as a "food policy council") with some staff support through a part-time Lead Coordinator. FCFC members will be responsible for supporting staff in some administrative and development work, helping meet proposed yearly goals and objectives, and promoting the FCFC's work and outreach.

There are no membership fees. Please review MEMBER EXPECTATIONS below before submitting. If you have any questions, just email


General Expectations.
1. Support FCFC's mission, purpose, goals, policies, and programs.
2. Participate actively.
3. Provide input and feedback on FCFC operations to FCFC.
4. Attend activities and events sponsored by FCFC and be a representative of FCFC.

1. Prepare to participate in any meetings of the internal FCFC groups you're involved.
2. Ask timely and relevant questions at meetings.
3. Express personal conscience and convictions during meetings to arrive deliberatively at the best groups decisions.
4. Participate in voting procedures within FCFC.

Attendance and Participation.
1. Make every effort to attend meetings.
2. Suggest meeting agenda items to ensure that the mission and goals are met.
3. Share information with the group on relevant policy news, events, and opportunities for FCFC participation in the community.
4. Provide up-to-date contact information for FCFC use.

Internal FCFC Groups.
• Advisory Council: Also known as the FCFC Board. Each Advisory Council member serves on a Council Subcommittee and some Council members serve as Action Team Liaisons supporting Team work.
• Council Subcommittees: These are committees within the Advisory Council addressing FCFC development.
• Action Teams: Community groups in the FCFC network focusing on various aspects of food system development, researching best practices, and proposing action strategies. Each Team Leader serves as a full Advisory Council member.

Membership Terms.
• Advisory Council membership terms range from 1-3 years.


Thanks for you interest & energy! We're looking forward to having you on board!

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